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H&M presents: Come Together

What is it about winter train rides that feels so magical? (We're thinking a snowy Orient Express/Polar Express situation more than the 7.50am South Eastern to Charing Cross). Well H&M's Christmas short film has magical winter train ride written all over it and with a mix of Wes Anderson and Adrien Brody, you can't really expect anything else. "This story may resonate more than ever at a time in the world where we could all do with giving a stranger a hug" Says Adrien Brody. Watch the full version of Come Together here (we recommend watching with a hot chocolate or tea): Apart from being such a gorgeously shot film, it is also the perfect setting for H&M's Christmas collection which is the

This weekend we're loving: Party Bags

So in the lead up to the big day I have seven parties to go to. SEVEN. Now for me....that's LOADS, way too many, I'm already scared of the hangovers. They're a mix of dinners, drinks and out out parties. And one thing I always like to bring out for Christmas parties are my party clutch bags, they don't really get the attention they used to, so I like having a few to choose from at Christmas. Anyway, this year I felt like I needed a new one. I started looking and couldn't get over how many lovely there were, so naturally I HAD to share them with you! Enjoy! #giftguide #partybags #partyclutch

This week we're loving: Stockings!

I have a real weakness for Christmas stockings. I somehow end up buying new ones every year, I literally have every kind you can think of, it's a problem. This year I of course got caught up in having monogrammed stockings (I have ones with our names but not our initials....I know how ridiculous that is) so got three of these from Matalan, not somewhere I usually shop but totally fell in love with the stockings when I saw them. So here's a round up of my favourite stockings this year! #Christmasstocking #stocking #thebeststockings

Copper Christmas Decorations

So Copper had a bit of a big interiors year this year, even my local Sainsbury's went crazy for copper homeware. Everything from frames and candle holders to pots and pans, well Christmas didn't want to miss out as I've seen copper Christmas decs everywhere! Here are a handful of my favourites! #copper #copperdecorations #Christmasdecorations #baubles #fairylights

The best online Advent Calendar

For someone who loves a very traditional Christmas, I should hate the idea of an online Advent Calendar. I didn't think they could possibly be magical, exciting or at all interactive and if you do a quick google search, you'll see that the first few are TERRIBLE. But if you scroll a little further you'll see Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendars and they are brilliant animation calendars, the work and detail that goes into these is incredible. Firstly, if you've clicked on that link they have a very dated website don't let that put you off. It's a shame really as it under sells their advent calendar. Watch the video above to get an idea. My mother in law sent me one 4 years ago when I was tied

The best and worst of Christmas with kids

There is no denying it, Christmas changes once you have children. Long gone are the Christmas Eve nights out and the relaxed wine filled Christmas dinners. They've now been replaced with early night Christmas Eve's and rushed Christmas dinners. We spoke to a few of our parent pals and made a list of the good and the bad of Christmas now we have kids! 1. It's suddenly announced by aunts and uncles that you'll no longer be getting presents, as presents are just for the little ones now. 2. You go to an endless amount of Christmas events, gingerbread man decorating, theatre shows, craft classes, Father Christmas story telling, feeding reindeer, the switching on of the village lights and obvio

2016 Christmas Adverts

Yes the wait is over! The Christmas ads are here! Yippee! Not On The High Street - Magic is Real As someone who in my day job is one of the 5000 partners (or elves in this case) of Not On The High Street, I love this ad on so many levels which is why they are my 2016 favourite Christmas ad! Our other favourites are.... Marks and Spencer - Christmas with love from Mrs Claus John Lewis - Buster The Boxer Aldi - Kevin The Carrot Boots - The Gift Of Beauty Morrisons - Morrisons Makes It #Christmasadverts #Christmascommercials #NOTHS #Notonthehighstreet #MS #JohnLewis #Aldi #Boots #Morrisons #Christmas

Advent Calendar Round Up

I love Advent Calendars (surprise, surprise!). I have a wooden house calendar that I paid way too much for, a felt tree, a stocking bunting calendar and not to mention I like a new picture one each year. If I see a new one, I need to add it to my collection! And this year the Villeroy and Boch Christmas Tree calendar is calling me! When I was younger it was all about the picture calendars and that's what the toddler will have this year, a pop up picture calendar. Believe it or not I've never been fussed about the chocolate as long as my calendar looks nice! There are so many to choose from this year, to suit all budgets, ages and tastes. Here are our top picks! #adventcalenar #Villeroyand

The John Lewis Christmas Advert

And it's here! I don't really remember Christmas adverts being a thing when I was younger, apart from the Coca Cola, Holidays Are Coming and the Yellow Pages one no others come to mind. In 2011 that all changed when John Lewis made Christmas adverts a thing when they brought out The Long Wait and since then they are not only the most highly anticipated Christmas advert but they have made every other shop on the high street up their Christmas advert game. Just because they are so good, here's Buster the Boxer and all of the past John Lewis Christmas ads. 2016 - Buster The Boxer 2015 -The Man on The Moon 2014: Monty The Penguin 2013: The Bear and the Hare 2012: Snow People in Love 2011: The L

Happy John Lewis Day!

Ok, so it's not officially John Lewis day but because their highly anticipated Christmas commercial airs today we thought we would make it John Lewis Day. And why not? A few of the Christmas ads have aired...none have grabbed me yet so it's all resting on John Leiws, oh the pressure! So to kick off John Lewis Day, here are 19 Christmas things you didn't know you needed from John Lewis: #JohnLewis #Christmasadverts #Christmascommercials

This week we're loving: Initial Necklaces

I love necklaces, I love layering thin necklaces on top of one another and even more I love necklaces that have my initials on them! Such a cute gift, we've covered all budgets so they can go from a cute stocking filler to a grand main present! #giftguide #initialnecklace #giftideas #initialpendant

Theatre review: Stick Man

We're big fans of Julia Donaldson over here (who isn't?). I'd probably read Stick Man 100 times before I heard that Scamp Theatre's adaptation of Stick Man was going to be at the Leicester Square theatre. I was a bit apprehensive about taking the toddler to the theatre as she is just 2.5 years old but I needn't have worried, these children's productions know what they're doing, she was totally engrossed from start to finish. There are just three actors that tell the story of Stick Man, one actor takes the lead role while the other two take on the rest of the characters. With a few costume changes and the sheer energy these guys have, you'd be fooled into thinking it was a bigger productio

Sunday Spotlight: Maria Isabel Sánchez Vergara

Hi Maria Isabel! Welcome to The Christmas Edit. Tell us a little bit about yourself? ¡Hola! My name is Maria Isabel Sánchez Vergara and I'm a creator, author and writer. I started writing children's books a week after my twin nephews were born and I just realised I want to keep doing this for the rest of my life. Besides that, I like yoga, cacti and dungarees. I work as a creative director for a big advertising agency (hopefully not for much longer...) and I live happily in Barcelona with Dirk my German boyfriend. We are big fans of your Little People Big Dreams collection of books, where did the idea come from to write them? Everything started with my twin nieces, Alba and Claudia. Right

Baby Broadway Christmas

I'd love to say that the reason I know all the songs to musicals and Disney films is because of my daughter but I'd be lying. I'd happily sit through The Sound of Music and The Lion King alone and sing along at the top of my voice (sorry to anyone who ever hears this) but it's a bonus now I have my mini me to sing with me. So, I couldn't believe it when I heard about Baby Broadway, I didn't know such an event existed where West End stars come and perform to you and your little ones. If you love your musicals as much as me then this is just as much a treat for you as it is your little ones, you will sing a long to all the songs and your little ones will watch in amazement as they watch their

Initial Baubles

I'm a complete sucker for anything initialed, I don't have a very common name, it was never on pens or pencil cases when I was younger so initials always had to do! I've already got the Oliver Bonas hanging decorations with the initials of my family and what's great is that they double up as name places at the dinner table (name places...another thing I'm obsessed with)! Here are our pick of the best ones out there! Happy shopping! #decorations

Christmas jumpers got cool

I won't lie, I'm partial to a Christmas jumper or 10. The garish ones are all fun and games for Christmas jumper day at the office or fancy dress but I quite like mine to be wearable. I'm all about the subtle Christmas jumpers that can be worn with a shirt underneath with collar poking out over a pair of skinnies. This year it seems that the high street agrees as on my search they all seem to be quite wearable and actually quite nice! So 2016 is the year Christmas jumpers officially got cool! #giftguide #christmasjumpers

This week we're loving: Note books

This week we're loving Notebooks Stationary addict? Yep, me too. You just can't have too many notebooks, it's a fact and once one of mine starts to get a bit tatty, I'm on to the next. My collection is seriously out of hand. The only thing I love more than a notebook (in the land of stationary) is a personalised one and the Love Give Ink one in the gallery has made it onto my Christmas wish list! Perfect as a little gift or a stocking filler! #notebooks #giftguide #giftideas #stockingfillers