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Baby Gift Guide

To be honest, babies don't need gifts. They really don't. I'm sure that's not the right thing to say as I present you with this gift guide but you know, just being honest! The whole give them a cardboard box thing is true and also mum and dad will have all the important things covered. But if you do get a little baby a present then here are our pick of the best bits!

1: Little Grippers: You will put on and re put on your babies socks a million times a day, they won't even move and somehow their socks have fallen off. I got given these socks for my little one as a gift and they are a TOTAL game changer. They DO NOT fall off! Check the link to see them and to read about their 'Stay on Technology' (it's all natural). Pack of three, £8.

2: Bee Smart: Rattles, such a classic toy that any little one will love. £9.99

3: Grimms Toys: Love the rainbow colours of these peg dolls. £28.95

4: Seventyseven84: We've seen neon, wooden and metallic names but these guys have brought something new to the table with the wire names signs covered in a gorgeous knitted wool of an array of colours. They are our new baby gift go to! Personalised name, £25

5:Little Baby Company: Ahh...the mobile. They come in all shapes and sizes these days

6: Funky Giraffe: Bibs, seems like a standard boring gift. Think again. These dribble bibs are life savers and probably won't be needed until around 4/5 months. Not only are their soak levels off the scale but they look so pretty! A massive selection of prints, leopard print, polka dots, chevron, skull & cross bone. Pretty much every print that ever existed. And for the price of them you can get them to match the babies outfits! Not that I did that. Chevron dribble bib, £4.

7: British and Bespoke: A personalised shape sorter? Winner. £29.95

8: Lala loves Decor: We're big fans of this mama run business. These custom made Dream eyes make a lovely addition to a little ones bedroom and anything that encourages a little shut eye for the little ones gets a thumbs up from us. Dream Eyes, £18

9: This Paper Book: So Instagram has taught me a whole host of new words #shelfie and #flatlay being the main two! Search those two hashtags and these pennant flags by This Paper Book are almost guaranteed to appear. They are the the little black dress of childrens decor because they are so well made and just look so good. Plus all parents LOVE personalised decor! £14.

10: My 1st Years: So their name says it all and what they do, they do well. My 1st Years have everything a little one will need and nearly everything can be personalised. From these storage bags that can work as laundry baskets or toy storage to personalised shoes. Be warned that if you go on their website you WILL buy something. It's impossible not to. £40

11: V Tech: We're not massive on tech toys but we'll make the exception for a bath toy! I don't think I know one baby who isn't transfixed by bubbles. £22.99

12: Lexy Pexy at Little Goldie: Incase you're not sure what these are, they are TEETHERS! Yes really! We can't get over how cool they are! £17.50

13: Sophie La Giraffe: And here she is! Probably the most popular of baby gifts. Made of 100% natural rubber and sure to soothe the little ones once the teething starts! £9.99

14: Gap: So they're too little for shoes and yes they can totally go out in just socks but how cute are these? Booties, £9.95

15: My 1st Years: Yep, it's a second appearance from these guys. A tiny little dressing gown, with bunny ears and personalised. Could it get any cuter? Dressing gown, £28

16: Baby Lit: I don't even know where to start with these books. They are just such a brilliant idea. Yes babies all have the colours, shapes and number books but how many can say their first books were Jane Eyre and Pride & Prejudice? Each book, £5.99

17: Bulb London: Another cool addition for the #shelfie. 100% cotton and screen printed by hand. £16.

18: Anne-Claire Petit: As soon as I got my hands on one one these I fell in love. They are so beautifully designed and made. They are made from organic cotton, hand crochet and are 100% handmade. They are pricy but they will last forever and are the type of soft toy that will get passed on to the next generation. Have a look at the extensive collection, we're also big fans of the turn table and toadstool! Terrier, £40

19: Lara and Ollie: Babies will attack your jewellery, that's a fact. So much so I didn't wear any of the necklaces I loved for a over a year. Lara and Ollie have fixed that problem with these teething necklaces, they'll easy teething for your little one and will look great on you too! Win win. £15.95

20: Emma Randall: You don't need to look far to find a children's alphabet print but Emma Randall and her bright and fun illustrations get our vote. Small: £15 / Large: £30

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