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New Mothers gift guide

I'm just going to say it. I think I've made this gift guide for me three years ago. Oops. People always seem unsure what to buy new mums but really they are so easy to buy for! Give them a Tiba and Marl bag and they'll love you forever! Joking aside, my best present was actually from my sister. She came to my house with a plant (which is remarkably for me still alive), a Sainsbury's shop full of everything I didn't know I needed, baby towel and pretty baby vests. All lovely but it was the thoughtful food shop that did it for me. Now I'm not too sure how well a Sainsbury's shop wrapped up will go down at Christmas so here are a handful of other things she may want!

Side note 1: There are quite a few small items on here so it could be a nice idea to make a little hamper with 3/4 of these items in there.

Side note 2: I've realised these are all great for 1st time mothers. If they are on baby number 2/3/4/5/6.....then ignore the books/boxset/nail varnishes, she won't have time for that!

1. Tiba and Marl: Mother run brand Tiba and Marl have officially made changing bags cool. Their Kaspar Knapsack has got to be the coolest changing bag there ever was! Complete with all the extras ordinary changing bags come with. We're also big fans of the Elwood Backpack in Silver. LOVE!! £120

2. Cult of Youth: Love this brand and love this handmade necklace! Also comes in silver and rose gold. £20

3. Batiste: Ok, this is probably more of a stocking filler or if you're going for the hamper idea, throw it in there because seriously who has time to wash their hair these days? Hoping it's not just me..£4.99

4. Sex and The City: This is one for the new mama's who will suddenly have a lot days full of of feeding on the sofa. I got given the Modern Family boxset and watched it in 3 weeks! £24.99

5. Whistles gift card: It doesn't have to be Whistles, it can be whatever shop is her favourite but said shop can not sell children's clothes as I can guarantee she will spend it on the child! £YOU DECIDE

6. Jem & Bea: Another mother run brand changing the look of changing bags! We are big fans of this leather Mama clutch bag. £45

7. Yes Mum: Those first few months can be tough, these affirmation cards are like a daily pat on the back. There are 'Yes Pops' ones too for new fathers. £10.50

8. Touche Eclat: The messed up sleep routine takes it's toll! Every new mum needs one of these in their make up bag! £25

9. Next: Might seem boring but there really is nothing better than a new pair of pjs and button front is essential if they are B/F . £30

10. Nails inc: Staying in is the new going out! Long gone are the trips to the nail salon so a do it your self set will be appreciated! £29

11. Seriously Milestone Cards: These are brilliant, they are not your standard 'I'm one month today' cards. They show the real milestones like 'Last night I woke you up every single hour' Aprox: £18

12. Selfish Mother: The official Mama uniform! £45

13. The Girl on the Train: Another one for the new mothers, this will probably be the last time she'll get to read a book in peace as once those toddler years start forget it! I've been trying to read this book for a year! £7.99

14. ANY DRINK! Another one for the hamper idea. After not drinking for so long she'll love you for this one!

15. Lisa Angel: A lovely bar necklace, with 4 sides you can personalise. I have two of these one with the names of my family and another I got given as a gift with special dates, I literally where them every day. Comes in rose gold and silver. £29

16. Tiba and Marl: Another one from these guys, just because their whole collection is so amazing! This bum bag is a must have, enough space for nappies, wipes and a changing mat and main thing is you'll be hands free!! £45.

17. This Little Piggy Went To Prada: This is a present I personally give to all new mothers. They will be reading and singing nursery rhymes ALL DAY LONG, this book gives them a designer twist that will help with the sanity of singing baa baa black sheep all day. £12.94

18. Mere Soeur: Another one for the hamper or stocking! £9.50

19: Converse: They've become part of the mum uniform, there will be so much pram pushing that a new pair of trainers are needed. And they're leather, so wipe clean. Bonus. £54.99

20. The Unmumsy Mum: Such. A. Brilliant. Book. All new mums need to read this. Not a manual or a book of the right and wrong things to do just a hilarious honest account of REAL LIFE. £12.99

21. Mere Soeur: There's no better way to say it. Another brilliant statement tee from Mere Soeur. £23

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