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The best and worst of Christmas with kids

There is no denying it, Christmas changes once you have children. Long gone are the Christmas Eve nights out and the relaxed wine filled Christmas dinners. They've now been replaced with early night Christmas Eve's and rushed Christmas dinners. We spoke to a few of our parent pals and made a list of the good and the bad of Christmas now we have kids!

1. It's suddenly announced by aunts and uncles that you'll no longer be getting presents, as presents are just for the little ones now.

2. You go to an endless amount of Christmas events, gingerbread man decorating, theatre shows, craft classes, Father Christmas story telling, feeding reindeer, the switching on of the village lights and obviously going to see Father Christmas and you secretly LOVE them all.

3. You now have the best excuse to indulge in all of those Christmas decorations you could never justify, yes we do need holly printed hand towels for the bathroom 'The children will love them' and who doesn't have snowmen salt and pepper pots?

4. You are now that person who starts Christmas shopping in the January sales, seriously it's the best Christmas tradition ever and means no Christmas stress. That said for family members who like to exchange or return (not looking at my parents here!) Black Friday is your best bet.

5. You get a buzz at filling up all of the stockings.

6. Christmas Eve nights out when you stumble in at 2am are a distant memory replaced with (delete where appropriate) making Father Christmas snow foot prints, assembling that toy kitchen you thought was a good idea, peeling spuds and veg ready for the absolute chaos of Christmas day, going to sleep at 9pm because you are knackered from the above.

7. Where everyone will be on Christmas day is organised in August (oh...is that just us?!)

8. Amazon Prime becomes your best friend. Who has time to go out and do their Christmas shopping?

9. You try your best to sit down to watch your traditional Dr Who but the kids, who now nearly out number the adults are very vocal about wanting to watch something else.

10. Long gone are the days of sitting down to a relaxed Christmas dinner. You finally sit down and you either have a baby in your arms, toddler on your knee, up and down cutting up food for the little ones, more water here or wrong potatoes there. Scoffing your food has become the norm.

11. The Christmas tree looks err.....a little more abstract than usual.

12. Intricate Christmas wrapping paper competitions are non existent. Lets not talk about the year we used pom poms on all of the presents.

13. You are suddenly a master of batteries. You need 10 aa's for that remote control car? We've got that covered.

14. Suddenly gifts you used to find boring like pyjamas, slippers and bedding are now seen as a little luxury. Ahem...Ugg slippers over here please!

15. After fighting to host your first Christmas, you are now all about having Christmas dinner at someone else's house.

16. Christmas day lie in is now 7.30am...which is better than 7am...and thats better than 6am so no complaining here!

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