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The ultimate stocking filler...

So I'll admit, these might not appeal to everyone. I definitely can't see anyone under the age of 20 finding these remotely exciting BUT they are life changing!!!!

Incase you can't work out what you're looking at, they are UGG sheepskin insoles (£20) that will fit into any shoe/boot you have. I discovered these in January and now that it's cold again I need to dig them out as I don't know about you but when I was stood watching the fireworks last night in my trusty Converse my feet were so cold! It's my Converse and a few pairs of flat boots that just do not cut it when it gets cold but these insoles transform them all into winter footwear and they are sooooooo cosy!

And if you find them in your stocking this year.......you're welcome.

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