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Have you got your Christmas Eve box?

Christmas Eve boxes have become a popular trend in recent years and it's one that I've totally fallen for, apart from....we don't do our box on Christmas Eve. We give our little one her box on December 1st. We figure she'll get the most out of everything in there if she has it form the 1st, instead of having it all for one day. Incase you're not sure what to put in yours, this is what we put in ours:

-Christmas pjs

-Christmas plate, bowl and cup set

-Christmas books form the attic plus one new for the collection

-Christmas gloves

-Christmas socks

-Christmas clips and hair bands

-A new Christmas dvd

-Christmas pencils

-Bedroom decorations

Before you start to think that I'm spending loads on this, most of it has been packed away from last year and the rest bought in the sale after Christmas last year! She was 2.5yrs last year, so she won't remember she's seen half of it all before!!

So back to the box! It's all about the box! Here are some of our favourites and all of them can be personalised (check the dimensions before purchasing):

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