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A Christmas party with Party Pieces

It's December! YAY! As much as I love Christmas, I'm quite particular about only starting Christmassy activities in December. So, the festivities have officially begun in our household and what better way to kick them off than our little one throwing her very own Christmas party with her friends.

So this weekend that's exactly what we did!

I don't know about you but I find the table dressing and decorating just as fun as the actual event and I'm quite particular about my tableware! There were a few places that had plates and cups but I needed a place that had it all which is why I headed to Party Pieces. If you haven't heard of them, head to their website here and I guarantee you'll be lost in it for ages clicking through all of their partyware....there is so much!

I fell in love with the Meri Meri Santa Face set, it's so cute! I got the matching plates, cups, napkins and table decorations. The children LOVED THEM.

We had these cute honeycomb decorations down the middle of the table and some Father Christmas ones too. Providing the children don't ruin them (they didn't) they can be packed up and used over and over and again.

And these cute confetti crackers, which are the perfect size for tiny hands. They are filled with confetti and a joke which saves on any squabbling over the best cracker toy!

I also got a couple of their red serving trays...just because they were red and Christmassy! They ended up being the perfect size for all the children's food. The Christmas tree sandwiches and snowman pop corn were all my own work!

All in all our Christmas party was a success, the children had lots of fun and left tired and with their bellies full! If any of you are thinking of having a little Christmas party then here are the details of ours:

Tableware and decorations: Party Pieces

Who: 8 children aged 2-5

What they ate: Christmas tree sandwiches, snowman pop corn, carrot and cucumber sticks, crisps and fruit.

Activities: Exchanged Secret Santa gifts and decorated gingerbread men.

What they played: Pin the nose on Rudolph and musical statues.

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